Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 Original Character Silhouettes

Until now, I had never really tried just focusing on the silhouette, but it proved to be a very useful exercise. I had been wondering how to make my characters more distinctive and recognizable, and this helped a lot. I often get bogged down in details while neglecting the bigger picture. Faces are my favorite things to draw, so when I design characters, I tend to focus more on the face and neglect how the rest of the body looks. I will definitely be working with silhouettes more in the future.
For my original characters, I used some that I had already created, some that were loosely based on ones I made up earlier, and some that I made up on the spot. All of them were done in Photoshop with a tablet. I sketched the form, filled it in, and then cleaned it up with the eraser and the small brush tool. Sometimes the silhouette would go in a completely different direction than the one I was intending, but I just went with it and created a new character in the process.

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