Monday, January 31, 2011

Character Finale

Meet Eena, an ogress who lives in the deep woods. As far as ogres go, she is quite good-natured and will only eat people who leave trash in her forest. Her hobbies include cooking, herbalism, singing, storytelling, gardening, and making cloth dolls.

And then there's Dorkbobble, who acts as a messenger for his gnome clan, but also sells potent hallucinogenic mushrooms on the side. He speaks 14 different languages, so is often called upon to settle disputes among forest creatures. When he's not traveling, he enjoys writing ridiculously overblown and exaggerated tales of his adventures.

The essay So You Want To Be A Concept Artist appears to not be online anymore. But I'll take a stab at it anyway. I've always been interested in concept art, and have considered it as a career. I've always found preproduction more interesting than actual production. But there are two things I find difficult about it. The first one is allowing myself to use visual references and not think of it as "cheating". I've always liked to draw from imagination, and for a while I had an obsessive fear of being unoriginal. In high school, if I drew something from my head and thought it looked too similar to the style of another artist, or the pose or composition looked similar to someone else's work, I would erase it immediately and start over. Clearly this has been holding me back, and I'm slowly breaking out of it. The second thing is allowing my characters to grow. I often get too attached to my original ideas and feel like I have to stick to them, even when the character could benefit from a makeover. So while concept art might be a fun hobby for me, it might not be the best career choice if I can't learn to loosen up a bit.
When it came to making these characters, I tried to express their personalities through movement while keeping them readable and easy to draw. It was a bit difficult at first to draw them at different angles, but I keeping their shapes in mind helped.

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