Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final Project


14-year-old Emma explores a historic old house that her father has been contracted to renovate. She discovers a hidden passageway, finds weird stuff, and befriends a strange old ghost woman. Then she finds out that every construction worker who tried to renovate this house before has mysteriously died, with the family who owns the house going to great lengths to cover up their deaths but determined to get it reconstructed anyway. Emma suspects this ghost woman has something to do with it. Can she help the woman find peace before her father becomes the next victim?
This will probably become a comic. I'm going to collaborate with a friend to flesh out the plot some more. I've always wanted to do a story involving creepy old houses, secret tunnels, and weird stuff lurking in the basement, since that has always been a common theme in my dreams. I tried to capture the atmosphere of those dreams in the environment studies. The characters still need a bit more work, but I think I got the basic element of their personalities in the sketches.

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